Nordisk orgelkonkurranse

Nordic Organ Competition

The Norwegian Organ Festival is hosting the Nordic Organ Competition as part of the 2020 festival programme. Providing young Nordic organ players with the opportunity to be awarded for their skills and for the audience to discover new talent. Semi-finals and finals will happen between Sept 17th - 20th in Stavanger, Norway. 


Semi-final candidates

Six candidates have been elected by a qualifying round jury to take part in the semi-final: 

- Berg, Eivind (Bergen, Norway)
- Heian, Kristian (Oslo, Norway)
- Nielsen Bendix, David (Copenhagen, Denmark)
- Niskala, Irina (Helsinki, Finland) 
- Radovanovic, Milkica (Jessheim, Norway)
- Sunstein, Aaron (Piteå, Sweden)



1st prize

NOK 30,000 + recital opportunities: 

  • St Mary’s Parish Church, Bergen, 2021
  • St Olav’s Parish Church, Avaldsnes, 2021
  • Oslo Cathedral, 2021
  • Norsk orgelfestival, 2021

2nd prize

NOK 15,000

3rd prize

NOK 10,000

Audience prize

NOK 5,000 

(based on the Final Round at Stavanger Concert Hall)​​


The Stavanger concert hall organ, built by Ryde & Berg. Photo: Olav Bjørkum.