Nordisk orgelkonkurranse

Nordic Organ Competition

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we are hosting the Nordic Organ Competition in 2021 during the Norwegian Organ Festival Sept 16.-19th. The competition was originally supposed to happen in 2020 but was cancelled due to COVID-19. 


The competition is providing young Nordic organ players with the opportunity to be awarded for their skills and for the audience to discover new talent. Semi-finals and finals will happen between Sept 16th - 19th in Stavanger, Norway. 


Semi-final candidates

Six candidates have been elected by a qualification jury to take part in the semi-final: 

- Eivind Berg (Bergen, Norway)
- Kristian Heian (Oslo, Norway)
- David Bendix Nielsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
- Irina Vavilova (Oulu, Finland) 
- Milkica Radovanovic (Jessheim, Norway)
- Aaron Sunstein (Piteå, Sweden)



1st prize NOK 30,000 + recital opportunities: 

  • St Mary’s Parish Church, Bergen, 2022
  • St Olav’s Parish Church, Avaldsnes, 2022
  • Oslo Cathedral, 2022
  • Norsk orgelfestival, 2022

2nd prize NOK 15,000

3rd prize NOK 10,000

Audience prize NOK 5,000  (based on the final round at Stavanger Concert Hall)​​


The Stavanger Concert Hall organ, built by Ryde & Berg. Photo: Olav Bjørkum.